Ritz & Glitz Rules & Regulations

Entries & Restrictions


  • The age of competitor will be taken from 1st of January of that competition year.
  • All Solos entries must submitted online and payment via paypal if paypal account under a different name please email us as ritzandglitzdance@gmail.com to inform of account name.  
  • Late entries will not be accepted after the official closing date. All entries past that date will be returned to you.
  • Each competitor's entry must be separate and a copy of each birth certificate must be emailed to ritzandglitzdance@gmail.com. Past competitors to the challenge will not need to email another copy of their birth certificate, as it will be on file from the previous years. Failure to produce a birth certificate with entry will deem the competitor ineligible to participate in the competition.
  • Ritz and Glitz Dance Challenge deems no responsibility for incorrect entries. Any competitor entering a section when ineligible shall forfeit all fees in respect to entry. Once an entry has been made fees shall not be refunded or changes so please choose sections carefully.
  • Each section must have a minimum of four dancing competitors. If a section fails to meet this requirement then it will be canceled or joined with another section of its type. In the case of section cancellation a refund will be available for collection at the eisteddfod. It is the discretion of the convener to make any decisions in regards to the running or cancellation of such sections.
  • Competitors dance at their own risk and no responsibility will be taken by the committee for injury incurred
  • Personal Video cameras, cameras or any electronic recording devices are NOT allowed in the auditorium at any time for any reason, due to child protection laws. An Independent professional videographer and still life photographer will be present at the eisteddfods.
  •  A plain leotard, dance shorts and crop top or unitard only will be accepted in improvisation sections. No trims or sequins or studio logos etc will be allowed. A chiffon ballet skirt can be worn in the Ballet and modern improvisation sections.
  • All tap shoes must be covered whilst in the hall.
  • No performer will be permitted to dance out of section
  • Pointe shoes must not be worn by any competitor who is 11 years of age & under.
  • Programs are compulsory and will be emailed to you at a cost of $10.00 each.
  • All competitors must be ready to perform as stated in the program. Please see the back desk for permission to dance out of order or you could be disqualified
  • Strictly no repeats in any sections with the exception of all restricted championships, the babies section and babies championship, 8 years tap championship and all classical ballet championships in which the demi character section only can be repeated.
  • If you have two routines of the same style you are only permitted to perform one routine in that solo section. You can however compete up and age group or category example. “Pam” has 2 jazz routines and has never won in that style before she would need to enter one routine in Special Restricted and her other routine in Restricted.  So if previously placed in Special Restricted you would need to do Restricted & Open Category for that genre.
  • The dance challenge will not be responsible for loss of property or injury to any persons at this event. Lost property will not be collected or kept.
  • Prompting form the wings will not be permitted from age group 7 years and over.
  • All competitors grant their permission to appear in newspaper or any promotional material for the Ritz & Glitz dance challenge.
  • Any act in a specially or restricted section that is not completed will be able to be repeated at the end of the section for adjudicators comments only. In the event of memory lapse in an open section it will be at the adjudicators discretion to allow a competitor to return to the stage.


  • The adjudicators decision is final and no discussion will be entered into regarding any decisions. Neither parent of competitor is to approach or speak with the adjudicator during the challenge.
  • It is the committees right to attract and employ the very best adjudicators for the competition. Please note - it is not a ruling of this competition to prevent any adjudicator from judging again after a time limit of 1 year has passed. Wherever possible however, different, highly trained Adjudicators will be sort for the benefit of all competitors.


Performance Length & Music Regulations

  • Solo routines: 3 minutes maximum - Duos, Trios, Song and Dance: 4 minutes maximum Groups: 5 minutes maximum, Production: 10 minutes maximum
  • Music will be timed in each routine and disqualification will occur after reaching more than 10 seconds overtime
  • Music is to be on CD only. Music facilities will be provided and an operator will collect & play all music.
  • There MUST be one track per disc only.
  • No responsibility will be taken for the CD skipping.
  • Voiceovers in song & dance and Demi character section will not be accepted

Specially Restricted & Restricted Sections 

  • Specially restricted sections are open to those competitors who have never received a 1st place in any eisteddfod in that category. ie. - if Sally has won her specially restricted waltz tap she can still enter the specially restricted slow tap.
  • If a competitor has won a restricted section of the same genre at any eisteddfod previously to entry, that competitor will have to dance in the open category. Restricted sections are open to those competitors that have won the Specially Restricted section of the same genre  and age group
  • If you have won a 1st place in a restricted section of your age group and genre at any competition you are then deemed an open competitor and must compete in the open age category for that genre.
  • Full time Dance students cannot compete in ANY specially restricted or restricted sections at the Ritz & Glitz Dance Challenge.
  • Improvisation’s & Student Choreography are classed as Open Section if entering Restricted Championship you will not be able to dance in these sections. (Does not apply to 8yrs & under Improvisations)
  • If you have competed and placed in the American Style Competition ie. KAR, Showcase, Dancelife Unite, than we would appreciate your honesty to place your child in an Open Category. These competitions are not ungraded, so if you have competed and won or placed highly in these competitions we would ask you to enter correctly to be fait to the other competitors.

Open Sections

  • Open sections are for competitors who have moved up through the specially restricted and restricted sections. Full time dance students are welcomed and are able to compete in all Open dance sections at the Ritz & Glitz Dance Challenge. If you are a Fulltime dance student, we would appreciate you letting us know on your entry form by ticking the box.
  • Improvisations & Student Choreography are classed as an Open Section so if you are entering Restricted Championship you are ineligible to enter the Improvisation’s or Student Choreography Section.

Championships & Showcase

Restricted Championship

  • Any competitor entering in any OPEN category will be deemed ineligible to enter in the Restricted Championship
  • All restricted championships are open to both specially restricted and restricted competitors only. These entrants must have competed in the specially restricted or restricted sections of the same genre, and the same routine will need to be repeated and performed in the restricted championship.
  • Our restricted championship are of mixed genre
  • One routine will be performed in the section


Open Championship

  • To enter an open championship all students must compete in the open section as stated under the championship categories. Full time students are able to enter Open Championships

Group Section

  • All groups entered must be accompanied by a list of each group members name & ages as of 1st January of that competition year
  • Teachers will need to work out their student’s ages from January 1st of that competition year.
  • Please note due to costs of running this even at the theatre we are ONLY able to award the students in the 12/u a medal.
  • We request Group Entry forms to be emailed to us directly and payment made via direct deposit. Once we receive you entry we will send back a confirmation of sections entered so that we can confirm the entries are correct.